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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Q. What is Cattlemens Financial Corp (CFC)?
A. CFC is cattlemen providing financing to cattlemen for the purchase of feeder cattle.

Q. Where does CFC get its funding?
A. Financing is provided in alliance with Farm Credit Canada (FCC).

Q. What can CFC do for me?
A. CFC, through its network of Auction Markets and contacts can provide access to:

  1. Order buying services
  2. Custom feeding
  3. Contracting or hedging of the livestock

Q: I heard that all livestock have to be bought and sold through Nilsson Bros auction markets. Is this true?
A: PurchasesCFC finances livestock purchased through a CFC Approved market, as well as home raised livestock.

Sales – Under the Feeder Program the livestock do not have to be sold through a CFC Approved Market. This restriction was removed in October 2005. However, a CFC Approved Market rep needs to be given an opportunity to bid on the Feeder Cattle prior to their sale. Please see the Feeder Cattle page for more details.

Under the Breeding Stock Programs all livestock financed are required to be moved through one of the CFC Approved Markets. One exception is that when the offspring (calves) are rolled into the Feeder Program.

Q: Can I have loans under both the Feeder and Breeder Programs?
A: Yes. CFC’s programs are designed to be able to finance the entire production cycle of the livestock on your farm. From the feeder calves, replacement heifers, Bred Heifers, and the Bred Cows, CFC has a program that will fit your needs.

Q: Is the application process difficult?
A: No. Once our office has received the simple, two-page application form, the credit is adjudicated and we normally have an answer within two business days.